Linda Rendel

Producer – Video Games – Virtual Reality

I’m here to bring people together and help them make video games. I believe in the power of community, collaboration, and empathy.

About Me

Award-winning producer with 7+ years of experience, driven by empathy and passionate about supporting interdisciplinary teams to grow and create memorable and innovative experiences for players.

Linda also founded the #FemDevsMeetup in 2017 to empower diversity in the game industry and is an advocate for women’s rights and equality.

What I offer


  • Research and implementation of new methods of working and ensuring trusting relationships
  • Heartfelt one-on-ones to coach team members and ensure they are set up for success to work autonomously on the project and their career path
  • Advise management and teams on values, diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety
  • Workshops and knowledge sharing on leadership and production


  • Establish a clear goal for the project and ensure it is met with a quality-focused approach
  • Work with stakeholders to define the requirements of the project
  • Create a timeline for the project and set milestones to be met along the way
  • Keep stakeholders informed as milestones are completed or adjusted
  • Work with cross-functional teams and ensure all team members are working together effectively
  • Facilitate regular meetings across different time zones
  • Ensure that deadlines are met and that tasks are completed in a timely manner


Unannounced Project & Porting Projects – Production Director – Massive Miniteam

  • Mentored the production team
  • Established structure and communication processes for the porting team & publisher
  • Advised the founder team on leadership and strategic topics
  • Supported the transition from pre-production to production

Assassin’s Creed VR – Associate Producer – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

  • Worked with the user research team to establish playtesting processes
  • Initiated risk assessments to support collaboration between the content and tech teams to ensure target performance on the VR device
  • Build and maintained relationships with international co-development teams in the UK, US, India, and Germany as well as several external stakeholders

Ubisoft Escape Games – Producer – Ubisoft Düsseldorf

  • Upheld and maintained project vision and strategy for the Ubisoft Escape Games and produced
    three location-based AAA quality VR games for the Assassin’s Creed & Prince of Persia brand successfully
  • Planned development and coordinated work for the release of Escape the Lost Pyramid, Beyond Medusa’s Gate and Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time
  • Facilitated feature validation processes driven by playtesting data with the design and QA team

#FemDevsMeetup – Founder

  • Founded the non-profit #FemDevsMeetup community to foster knowledge sharing and diversity with a team of 12 volunteers, run on-site and online events, and a Discord community with 500+

Public Appearances


Talks & Interviews