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#FemDevsMeetup – Organiser (2017-ongoing)
Networking events in Germany for women who work in, are students of, or interested in working in the game industry. The aim is to bring like-minded women together to share ideas, knowledge and passion for games.

Art Games – Jury Member (2016-ongoing)
Game developers, programmers, artists and creatives from all over the world come together at ART GAMES to develop computer games in so-called game jams. The idea is that the diversity of the participants will inspire them to renegotiate the boundaries between art, politics and games, and to reflect on the conditions and conditionedness of their own medium, still a desideratum on the global games market.

The Settlers Online – Live Game Manager (2015-ongoing)
The Settlers Online combines popular gameplay elements with brand new opportunities to seize and territories to explore, delivering a fantastic new gaming experience for everyone, from ‘The Settlers’ newbie to old-school gamer.

Indie Arena Booth – Project Manager (2015-2016, two years)
The Indie Arena Booth is an open home for independent game developers from all over the world hosted by the German indie community “Indie Arena”. It is a platform for the developers as well as a showcase for the colorful and vivid game scene between Avantgarde and AAA. The Indie Arena welcomes every developer and game enthusiast to be a part of this great event!

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